The Man Behind The Curtain

The carny’s getting set up in this comment thread.

Busy Writing; No Time For Blogging

\bullet Carnival of Mathematics #52.
\bulletPlanar Curves at Numericana.
\bulletSumidiot on Wolfram Alpha and calculus reform.

Reports Exaggerated

The 51st Carnival of Mathematics (at squareCircleZ).

“Where is math 2.0?” by MariaD. Hey look. It’s my old sparring partner Kirby (Bizmo Diaries) Urner.

The Casket Is Empty

So Jonathan sez the Carny’s still with us; I guessed wrong. There’s a new Math Teachers at Play.

But wait: here’s Lefty versus MPG (and a followup). Also JD on MPG a couple weeks back. Abandon ye all hope.