Acting Out His Follies

I’ve just turned in grades; 24 years of classroom teaching over and done.

This blog now becomes a collection of my notes, for me; thanks to any readers it may have had along the way. With any luck, I’ll have done something interesting I’ll want to link back to…

I’m developing various Math Ed projects; there’ll probably be plenty of mathy stuff in for some time to come. Leave a comment. For heck sake. It’s like pulling teeth. Or trying to get a job.

In fact, if you’ve got one of those lying around, well there I am…

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7 Responses to “Acting Out His Follies”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    good luck Owen. I enjoyed your class this quarter. I’ll be checking your new blog from time to time, especially if there are interesting math related posts.

  2. MLB Says:

    I had the best time in your 151 class this quarter. I hope that you will pass along your love of math to others for years and years to come 🙂 Thanks for a great calc I class. I will continue to read your blog.

  3. vlorbik Says:

    thanks to both; it means a lot to me.
    it sure was a great class for *me*…
    but of course that’s the easy part.
    i’ve given more study to the art of teaching
    than any other and i suppose i love it accordingly.
    anyhow, it doesn’t look like something
    i could give up all at once even if i tried.

    now. *you* go “pay it forward”
    by showing it to somebody else.
    for me anyhow, that’s the best part.

  4. vlorbik Says:

    i’m gone from the new blogs;
    gone from

    whole life changing around anyhow;
    no great loss unless i widely miss my guess.



    thing still works in principle
    as an email addy though
    i’m @#$%!! if i can work it *now*.

  5. kibrolv Says:

    back at _open_a_vein_;
    the new email is


  6. vlorbik Says:


  7. somebody else Says:

    what i said.
    still works as of early 2013.

    telephones are obviously
    another story.

    *nobody*’s phone works
    as far as i can tell. fuck it.

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