Triangles Too I Bet

The Math Circle has a workshop coming up not far from here in July; sign me up. The chance to work with actual living schoolchildren is already probably worth the price of admission; working with the Kaplans… who can almost certainly teach me more in a day about the pop-mathbook racket than months of reading would… could turn out to be invaluable. But the main attraction is meeting at least one blogging correspondent.

I’m quitting Community College classroom teaching. It was one hell of a good run. For me, to have lived any other way would have been nuts. Thank you for your kind attention.

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4 Responses to “Triangles Too I Bet”

  1. pat ballew Says:

    ??? To do WHAT? I hope you are not walking away from teaching… they already have us outnumbered…

  2. vlorbik Says:

    to set up a garage-sale scale
    used-book business at the coffeehouse
    on my walking route, for starters.

    i’ll hook in to the food co-op up the street
    as a working member hoping to step up
    to paid employee too soon i imagine.

    i’m working on some writing projects i might make pay.
    stuff like that. the general thinking is private tutoring
    and… something online… ideally something to do with books.
    busking on the street of course.
    knocking on doors for a union.
    i’ll get by or die trying like anybody else mostly.
    52 years with no prison time is a pretty good record
    by my lights; i’ll think of something i imagine.
    i’ve got a tiny “retirement fund” stashed away
    until the run on the banks befalls us; everything’s
    presumably up for grabs anyway then.

    what i really want to do is direct.

  3. Sue Says:

    Would you tell us why you don’t want to be teaching?

  4. vlorbik Says:

    me and the profession have had trouble
    seeing eye-to-eye since i *started* as a pro
    in 92 (and flunked out in 96).
    finally it feels like i’d be sticking around
    where i’m not wanted.

    “erosion of academic freedom”
    might be a good summary.
    i’ve fought a losing battle for,
    essentially, a place to hide, ever
    since they took away our office keys
    the year i got started at my beloved
    can’t think of a single skirmish
    i actually won. it gets draining.

    on the other hand, i haven’t felt so alive
    since the clinton administration.
    so your guess may be about as good as mine.

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