One Man Gathers What Another Man Spills

\bulletDysfunctional Attitudes by Charles G&G Wells. Today’s “Handbook now online” post is big news: it appears at excited first glance to introduce a self-published masterpiece of math lexicography. What a guy.
\bulletThe repeated additon flap revisited by the Warrior.


Triangles Too I Bet

The Math Circle has a workshop coming up not far from here in July; sign me up. The chance to work with actual living schoolchildren is already probably worth the price of admission; working with the Kaplans… who can almost certainly teach me more in a day about the pop-mathbook racket than months of reading would… could turn out to be invaluable. But the main attraction is meeting at least one blogging correspondent.

I’m quitting Community College classroom teaching. It was one hell of a good run. For me, to have lived any other way would have been nuts. Thank you for your kind attention.

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Just Add Democracy

Here’s smartt… a “Singapore Math” blog.

Life Is Good

This glossary by Pat Ballew has a lot of info! I’d’ve posted this link already except that, um, I thought I already had. No time to take notes! Read! Read! Read!

Also, hours later, here’s a statistical lexicon spotted at the Endeavour.

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Cleanup Time

\bulletThe Calculus Wars reviewed (the May Notices).
\bulletWhat the heck, an opinion piece in the same issue (calculators).
\bullet Just read the contents every issue. There’s always something interesting.

For instance that editorial led me to F. Quinn’s Essays on Mathematics Education.

Untargeted Tutoring

\bulletA Noted Scholar’s glossary; a partial index of S&M Defeated mathposts.
\bulletWhat Reformers Really Mean. Also “CSR” at

In other news, I’ve marked some popular VME posts (under the blogroll at right).

Looks Good On Paper

\bulletA practice test for prospective math teachers (in Massachusetts) from Prentice. Found in this ghastly video-ridden Boston Globe piece, via M.A. Chandler‘s Washington Post mathblog.
\bullet“One Step Ahead of the Train Wreck” that is Everyday Mathematics (Barry G via KTM).

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