The Best Lack All Conviction

“The Pattern Does Not Hold”. A classic example (taught to me one-to-one at the board in the coffee-break room of my home department [of course I mean Grad School] by… I think… George Minty… funny the things you remember… I’m sure of the room… coulda been Lenard… one of the break-room regulars for sure [here, found mid-sentence, is Lenard’s obituary of Minty]), presented in fine style by Kate (f[t]) Nowak. Fun comments too.

Kate’s subtitle of “DIY Professional Development” describes almost all the “work” I do outside the classroom (like blogging) on mathteacher stuff… and she’s taking it real seriously. This “paradigm shift” post (the last paragraph) is an invitation to “2.0” inspiring even to a long-time skeptic (me) and the related conversations around her neck of the mathblog woods have become quite the timesink for me. These folks are doing some amazing work.

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