Proudly Burned Toast

So the Calc I class are taking their Exam #1. As a show of good faith I just took my Exam #1 by loudly naming each student without looking down at the desk for my notes. Eighteen names isn’t that much of a stunt but they get to directly see me working on learning skills I’m not particularly good at and for me right now that’s a win.

The first one’s hit the desk; one small mistake. So I say it out loud. “This is the one to beat.” Here’s a few more. Wow. They’re getting it. They actually pay me for this. Gee but it’s satisfying.

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One Response to “Proudly Burned Toast”

  1. jd2718 Says:

    Every once in a while, it’s nice to notice you’re teaching, and not just talking…. sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, but it’s what we are trying to do. And that’s the good part.


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