Regime Change Begins At Home

Math Teachers at Play Carnival #4 (“Steps that Multiply”), at Home School Bytes.

“The” carnival for me will always be The Carnival of Mathematics. If it’s safe to pronounce this dead, it ran from Feb 9 of ’07 to Feb 27 of ’09. The Age of the Carnival was marked by a tremendous expansion in the world of mathblogs; its demise seems to have been at the moment the “social web” took off in a really big way. My contribution was “Carnival of Mathematics XIV”. I flouted the convention that you riff on the issue number. The carnival was fortnightly; mine was fourteenth. So what.

One Response to “Regime Change Begins At Home”

  1. early spring school and math odds and « JD2718 Says:

    […] Is Vlorbik right? Is the Carnival of Mathematics really dead? For the record, of fifty carnivals, I hosted four: IX (the best of them) 18 (the biggest) 1000 (cutesy) and 47 (Trekked out). […]

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