Bliss It Was In That Dawn

My schedule’s in flux. I’m hoping to have a couple “office” hours in the second floor student commons area of WD (the “Workforce Development” building… easily the most inappropriate name for a college hall I’ve encountered yet, knocking out the old champion—”Technology and Learning” [I’m not kidding… they came right out and put technology first… the tail’s been wagging the dog around here for quite some time…]).

The point here is to be easily available, right before class, in an area convenient to our (inconveniently located) class. Probably I’ll be there for at least an hour before class on Monday. That’s if, say, somebody wanted to talk about, say, the homework due that day. Anyhow, if you just want to kind of show up early and take a chance, great. I’ll probably be there. If you wait for an update here Monday morning when I’ll know for sure what’s going on, that’d be real good too. Just, you know, be sure you’re getting ready to answer homework-like problems for the quiz.

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