153 Day One

I was unprepared even for me as I remarked in the personal blog this morning. So I went entirely on the notes from last year in the text. In particular, I skipped Section 10.1 again. My comments on 10.2 from last year might also prove useful.

Since I’m using the two-pronged attack again, I also spoke about Section 9.1. In particular, I’m using the “angle bracket” notation for sequences again for sequences as opposed to the text’s “set braces”.

Here’s my “Jazz Math Ed” post from 2007.

151 Day Zero

Departmental syllabus (.doc file; password required).

Like A Fool I Mixed Them

\bullet“…what’s best for my students, not the administration.” Go. Read. (Tom DeRosa on Good Things Accomplished).

And Professor Robinson’s Wife

Evidently it’s Ada Lovelace Day. Grace Murray Hopper comes to mind immediately. Here’s her wikipedia page. And here’s an old blog from my old blogroll. Maria Andersen’s Teaching College Math no longer has “technology” in its title… but she’s the first contemporary of ours I thought of so she gets the link.

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Name Change

This is now Community College Calculus: my blog for both calc classes this quarter. Plus random math links. I’m doing a 151 and a 153; no 103 this quarter.

Enjoying The Break

\bulletThe astonishing “Surfaces 1: The ooze of the past” by Edmund Harriss at Maxwell’s Demon.

Let The Record Show

First Post

I blogged about a 153 class before. But only sporadically. I’ve been blogging a lot lately. So… we’ll see how it goes.

Classes start in a couple weeks. It’s a two-day-a-week format again and I’ll probably use the “as if it were two unrelated lecture series” trick: talk for an hour about series, take a break, talk for an hour about the other stuff. Please note here that if I’m doing anything like all the talking, it’ll be a huge disappointment…